Hot off the press !!

Love the movie, love the soundtrack.

I used to play this version on replay 9 years ago.. Wait.. WHAT?? 9 YEARS AGO??

Who’s that stumbling around in the dark ? Stte your business or prepare to get winged !!

It’s friday !!!! \o/

Listen to the OST, and then take a trip back to the filming locaiton !!

One of the best soundtracks in recent years. #Nowplaying


3 weeks to go !! #ski

WipeOut had a brilliant soundtrack throughout the years !!

Aller, marche arrière toute, retour en 1997. Grande année. #NowPlaying

Une ptite Chope pour la route ? #TDF2013(via Tour de France 100th edition: Part two - The Big Picture -
Gus Fring from “Breaking Bad” (Dead version) / Simpsonized by ADN

Check @ADNz & @piqnic awesome artwork while listening to this !